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ACT Calculator

It is a tool, where you can easily calculate your ACT Score. First, you should select the year of practice test for the ACT. So we have given all years from the 2016-2017 ACT Practice Test, the 2018-2019 ACT Practice Test, the 2019-2020 ACT Practice Test, and the 2021-2022 ACT Practice Test. By Default, we have given the 2021-2022 Practice Test. Now Enter Your English Scores, Enter Your Math Scores, Enter Your Reading Scores And Enter Your Science Scores the result will be automatically shown to you in output. Also, you can see the percentage of your score as an optional feature for you all to get satisfied that how many high and low scores you got. To Check SAT Score Calculator.

What Is Act Score? What Is Act Test

What Is Act Score? What Is Act Test ACT stands for "American College Testing" which is for admissions to colleges and universities? It is a multiple-choice exam in the United States. It is currently owned and administered by ACT, a nonprofit organization having the same name ACT. The ACT test considers four skill areas: mathematics, reading, English, and science. Act having tests Eng, Maths, Science And Reading And At last writing are an optional test to check your skills.

How To Calculate ACT Score?

At first, Select Practice Test Year: by default, it is Test 2021-2022
Enter Score in English Textbox: Max(75)
Enter Score in Math Textbox: Max(60)
Enter Score in Reading Textbox: Max(40)
Enter Score in Science Textbox: Max(40)
For the given Test Year and Scores, you will get results for ACT And More, Optional Result Will be the Percentage and Optional Status.
Formula : (English Scale Score + Reading Scale Score + Science Scale Score + Math Scale Score) / 4 = Total ACT Score
exp: (15 + 26 + 23 + 29) / 4 = 23 Total ACT Score.

Act Scores Range

The ACT scores range from (1-36). You can get a score based on the correct answers you have given. So try to give the more correct answers to get a good act score.

Act Highest Score? Act Lowest Score? And Act average score

The ACT Highest Score Is 36. And the lowest act score is 1. And The Average ACT score is 20 To 21.

ACT Score Calculator